UBIN0578941 IFSC Code Details

UBIN0578941 IFSC Code For Union Bank Of India Rampur area branch in Shimla city, Himachal Pradesh. Go below for more details on this ifsc code

IFSC Code: UBIN0578941

Bank Name: Union Bank Of India
Branch Name: Rampur
IFSC Code: UBIN0578941
MICR Code: N/A
State: Himachal Pradesh
District: Rampur Bushahr
City: Shimla
Branch Code: 0578941 (Last 6 Characters from IFSC Code)
Branch Address: Vidya Bhawan Rampur Bushahr Shimla
Zip Code: N/A
Phone Number: 9039941956

UBIN0578941 is the IFSC code of Union Bank Of India, that is assigned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This code helps the Indian financial system to transfer funds from bank account numbers in India and internationally like NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

The details above validate that the Union Bank Of India has its operations in the Rampur, Himachal Pradesh branch located at the Vidya Bhawan Rampur Bushahr Shimla. This confirms that if you plan on doing a financial transfer, you must be sure of the Union Bank Of India IFSC code to ensure that the transfer happens without any hassles.

While all of us understand IFSC codes by now, let’s understand MICR code as well. This is termed as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition which is a character recognition technology that helps in processing cheques faster. Union Bank Of India bank branch has a unique MICR code which helps RBI identify the Union Bank Of India branch, and speed up the cheque clearing process.

While Union Bank Of India IFSC is an 11 digit code, MICR is a 9 digit code, and the basic difference between these two codes is that IFSC code is used for Union Bank Of India online transactions, while MICR is used for Union Bank Of India offline transactions, like Cheque.

These two aspects are of great importance for Union Bank Of India financial transaction in both Union Bank Of India online transactions and Union Bank Of India offline transactions, and you can choose the one that works well for you.

Uses of Rampur IFSC Code:

NEFT - National Electronic Fund Transfer. Enables you to electronically transfer funds from your bank account to any other account of the same bank or different bank.

RTGS - Real Time Gross Settlement. Transfer a minimum limit of Rs. 2 lakh.

IMPS - Immediate payment service. Bank account holder can transfer funds 24 x 7 365 days

Online Fund Transfer via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.

The address associated with UBIN0578941 is Vidya Bhawan Rampur Bushahr Shimla Himachal Pradesh